About Us

Hafla is the world's first Artificial Intelligence-based event ideation, recommendation and aggregated sourcing platform for venues, equipment, services and catering. By delivering personalised solutions through its interactive one-stop-shop for events - corporate and personal, large and small - Hafla minimizes the stress in event planning so that everyone can celebrate more.

  • What is HAFLA?

    Every event is a celebration - occasions, festivals, personal or professional milestones, ideas, innovation, great weather or even an important life moment. Hafla aims to inspire and enable everyone to celebrate.

    Our name, Hafla, is the Arabic word for a party, ceremony, celebration or happy event. We see Ha.F.La as an acronym for Happiness. Fun. Laughter – the essence of human life.

    Founded by people with years of experience in the event industry, and backed by data from more than 25,000 events, Hafla provides a much-needed tech-enabled one-stop-shop for all event services. We apply data and on-the-ground experience from thousands of events to build algorithms and smart solutions that will make event planning personalised, joyful, and simple. Through a combination of technology and a passion for events, team Hafla aims to create a tailor-made experience for your guests and you.

  • How we work at HAFLA.

    Hafla provides end-to-end event solutions powered by proprietary data and algorithms and executed by partners vetted for quality. With the largest selection of equipment, venues, services and catering options, and led by a group of passionate event experts, Hafla is transforming how events are conceptualized and booked.

    As the only digital one-stop shop for event services, Hafla brings together the largest inventory for venues, furniture rentals, tents and marquees setups, custom-built installations, audio-visual equipment, bouncy castles, inflatable games, crowd control equipment, kids birthday packages, balloon decoration, and entertainment options. We can hook the event up with live musicians, magicians, face painters, game hosts, talent shows, catering and anything else you may think of.

How do we personalise your events at HAFLA.

The platform understands the event context, creates personalized event ideas (based on user data, context, availability, and pricing) and then filters and aggregates supply from thousands of providers to set up the perfect event. What may have taken days, can now be done in minutes! Think of any event - corporate events, conferences, workshops and exhibitions, weddings and engagements, birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas dinners, new year parties, Diwali celebrations, Eid celebrations, National Day, sporting events, carnivals, food festivals, family days or gala dinners - Hafla can help with ideas, collaboration and bookings for everything for your event. On the day of the event, Hafla will manage all logistics and payments so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

The vision,purpose, culture, and mission


Inspire and enable everyone to celebrate more.


We exist so that everyone can celebrate more and easily.

Life has so much to celebrate - festivals, occasions, personal and professional milestones, ideas and knowledge, technology, progress, new products, great weather and sunshine, movies, sports, friendship and above all – life itself. Yet, the world celebrates less because of the time, effort and money required. The stress of organizing and planning an event far supersedes the joy - so people give up celebrating.

  • We exist to reduce the stress of organizing events.
  • We exist to make event planning easy.
  • We exist to celebrate life.


A love for celebrating life unites us. Team Hafla collectively - shares the following attributes:

We are passionate and diligent

We are perseverant

We find problems to solve, not to complain

We are honest in success and in failure

We are optimistic, friendly and happy


We are on a mission to deliver more and better celebrations. We want to let you tailor your event. We want to make event planning easy by saving time and effort.

  • Deliver more and better celebrations
    Unique inspirational ideas; collaboration with friends, family, and colleagues; a range of products and services that suit your budget; quality on-time service
  • Be the master of your event
    Driven by data and AI, the application aims to tailor your experiences to suit your needs
  • Make event planning easy
    One-stop-shop; user-friendly interactive platform; event day tracking and streamlined payments