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Why choose Hafla?

  • Why Choose Hafla for Your Event Catering?

    • Elegance, quality, and a tailored culinary journey for each client.
    • Customized menus meeting client needs with an emphasis on high-quality service and food.
    • Various setup options tailored to the event type, along with refreshing beverages, service staff, sensational food, and décor arrangements.
  • Event Catering Services:

    • Specialization in private catering for weddings, engagements, indoor/outdoor house parties, corporate events, kids' birthdays, yacht gatherings, EID celebrations, annual events, royal functions, and more.
    • Thematic concepts tailored to specific crowds and budgets.
  • Diverse Cuisines Offered:

    • Delectable cuisines, including Indian & Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Continental, Asian, and International.
    • Tailored menus for BBQs, children's parties, creative party platters & grazing tables, unique food kiosks & live stations.
    • Gourmet menus inspired by nature, seasons, and traditions.

The Best In Class Outdoor Catering Service