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Elite Engagement Decor

Elite Engagement Decor

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Elite Engagement is a gorgeous decor for the most awaited engagement party, A square background with floral decor, hanging lights, base candles, cake plinths, flower vase, and a little two-seater sofa make up this lovely décor. This decor will provide a burst of colour and elegance to the engagement party.

  • Square backdrop with floral decorHanging Lights
  • Base Candles
  • Cake Plinth -3
  • Flower Vase
  • Small 2 seater sofa
Floor Type Recommended-
Plain, Grass
Mixed Colours

FAQ & Notes

Balloon colors can be changed as per client requirements.
Please check the availability with the sales team before placing an order.
The cost of delivery may vary depending on the total number of items ordered.
Delivery fees may vary depending on unusual delivery times eg: Midnight Delivery.
Delivery charges may change if the final destination is not in Dubai

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